Friday, July 29, 2011

wonderful weekend

My alarm went of at 5:50am this morning and I feel like I'm just now (7:58am) beginning to form words. Perhaps it's because I'm just about halfway through this blessed quad-venti-latte. Thank you, Jesus!

There are a million wonderful things happening this weekend, and I'm taking a halfsies at work today, so that means my weekend will start in just a few hours! Woot!

-today I'll be visiting my sweet baby sisters, Mama and cousin in Williamsburg. This means that there will be lots of good snacks and let's be honest--probably a mani/pedi somewhere in there, too.

-tomorrow, N. and I have lawn tickets for this gal at the C-ville Pavilion . YES. Is there a better excuse to wear a sundress with boots than going to a blue grass concert? I might even throw in a scarf headband!

-on Sunday, we'll be celebrating this beautiful couple and the upcoming arrival of their baby girl, Carmen. I can't wait to feel her little feetums kicking around in Megan's belly!

what's on your plate for the weekend, loves?


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