Tuesday, July 12, 2011

honeymoon: round two

N. and I really thought we'd be going on a European adventure this summer. We had researched TravelZoo, Contiki, Disney...all of them and we had planned out a fun little hopper doo-dad where we'd hit Italy, southern France, Spain and Greece--for cheap! We had already started daydreaming about cheese and wine and bicycle rides and then we looked up airfare.


I guess we should have known that with gas prices and the fact that July is the middle of vacation season, plane tickets aren't going to be pocket change. Oh, such optimists, we are.

We eventually abandoned ship on that idea and started planning something a little closer to home.

We thought of things like,

"do you want to fly into southern California and drive up the coast?"

"yeah, that'd be fun."


"what about Vancouver? It's probably beautiful in the summer."

"that's a good idea!"

then finally one day after we both had crazy, hectic days at work, we were lying on the floor, sprawled out like melting snowmen and N. said,

"want to just go on another honeymoon?"

"abso-freaking-lutely," I said.

So that's what we're doing, y'all. We're going to Mexico tomorrow.

We're taking a few books, praying for sunshine and readying our digestive systems for some delicious Mexican food.

I'll be taking my computer, folks, so stay tuned for some [hopefully] beautiful, sunny photos of our honeymoon #2! (They'll be PG---I promise)

What are y'alls' vacation plans this summer???



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