Thursday, July 14, 2011

hola from cancun!

Hola, amigos! We have just concluded our second official night in Cancun:

 As you can tell, we are very happy and kind of tan.....well, N. is. 

What you probably can't tell is that we are stuffed to the brim with delicious sushi and thai food:

We seriously, honestly did not mean to order this much. What you are looking at is:
-four rolls of sushi
-two bowls of fried rice
-one serving of spring rolls
-one plate of pad thai

additionally, we had two bowls of soup and one roll of Philadelphia rolls as an appetizer.  

and here's the thing:
we ate it. ALL. 

there is no excuse for this gluttony except that we....didn't want to look rude? 

here's to unbuttoning the jeans/wearing spandex to bed/jogging a few miles first thing in the morning, 

goodnight, America!



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