Monday, July 11, 2011

happy birthday, trinity

Nathaniel and I met on a Friday night at the Exit house. On Saturday, we went to Kline’s in Harrisonburg and had about 30 minutes to get to know each other before he had to head back to Charlottesville. Basically, we went into rapid-fire-get-to-know-you mode. It went something like this:

N: “I live in Charlottesville and go to a church called Portico.”
B: “I live in Harrisonburg and….I’m studying English.”
N: “I love the Outer Banks and my two nephews, Malachi and Gabriel.”
B: “I love everything bagels and I’m super protective of my two little sisters, Kiki and Boppie.”
N: “I’ve had these Rainbow flip flops for 5 years. They’re my favorite shoes.”
B: “I love Martin Luther King and this headband that I’m wearing is my favorite accessory. Also, ”
N: “I have an older sister, Trina*, and she’s one of my best friends. We’ve never fought. You’d like her.”

*N. always calls her “Trina,” but her name is Trinity….beautiful.

I knew right then and there that, yes, I would need to meet this Trinity. I’ve never heard of a brother and sister never fighting. Also, I was immediately obsessed with her name.

My first impression of Trinity was on Facebook, of course, and it went something like:

She’s beautiful and just her “about me” section is so poetic is makes me cry.
Yes, I need to know her.

And then we met. Trinity came with Michael and the “the boys” to Portico. They all filed out of their bright orange Element wearing plaid. She and I spent the rest of the day talking about the Real Simple magazine and going green and then we changed the babies’ diapers.

It didn’t take us very long to develop quite the sisterly relationship. Within a few months, we had each other on speed dial, shared clothes and cut each other’s hair. She prayed for me and I prayed for her. We grieved with one another during the summer of ’09 when both of our worlds had been turned upside down. And when we were back on our feet, she threw me the best bachelorette (she called it BachelorBrett) party any gal could ever ask for—she even got me coffee-flavored beer for the weekend. Delight! I cried when she told me she was pregnant with Kyrie. We went shopping for little girls’ clothes right after we found out she was—in fact—a girl. 

We wanted to meet Kyrie so badly that we ate boatloads spicy thai food, and I massaged Trinity’s pressure points until she bruised hoping to send her into labor. 

(I'm sorry, by the way, for bruising your calves)

We talk about being wives and writing and good recipes and farts and make up voices for different animals/people in our lives.  

Last year, when Trinity turned 30, I surprised her at the beach house where she was staying. Trinity is a beach goddess; she looks like she belongs there. She has long, wavy hair and she gets lots of cute freckles just like her brother.

I wish I could have surprised you this year, Trin. But this post will have to do. Thanks for being the best older sister I could ever ask for. You’re wonderful. And beautiful. And inspiring. And I love you!


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  1. MWAHHHH!!!!! I am Honored. You are the sister I always prayed for. You are one of my favorite people on the planet. You also gave me that blue shirt you are wearing so I could feel cute while I am pregnant, and I wore it the other day and I did indeed feel almost as cute as you ALWAYS look. I can't wait for all the rest that life is going to bring us to share together. ENFP's for-evah!!!