Thursday, July 21, 2011

an eventful journey home

Have you all ever watched LOST before? OK, so you know that part where the stewardess (isn't it NOT "PC" anymore to say "stewardess"??...sorry) on the plane comes over the loudspeaker and asks if there's a doctor in the house for him or her to please push their attendant button?

Well, I thought that only happened on TV.

But, NO! It happened on our plane last night....TWICE!

It all felt very dramatic* with the doctor on board sweating for 3 hours because she was rushing up and down the aisle to take care of the two folks--one on the back of the plane and one up front (of course, right?poor thing.) To make it even more cinematic, I was watching Jane Eyre on the tiniest screen imaginable with my headphones all the way turned up, so each time the doctor swept by me to take care of someone else, the scene was being played out to the tune of dramatic, Bronte-esque music.

I felt like an extra in a movie.

*both women on the flight are OK now, just so you know

We poked around on the plane for a good long time while the paramedics hopped on board to help out the two ladies who got sick.

Then we were fortunate enough to stand in customs for an hour while three out of the twenty-some lanes were open for service. Delight.

We then got a call from our dear friend, Eric, who picked up Turk from boarding and let us know that Turk was "having diarrhea, vomiting and shaking." Oh goody!

N. and I were picked up by my sweet inlaws and sent on our merry way back to two-hours-away-Charlottesville. We at least got to stop at the Sheetz and get gatorade and BLTs for the ride home. (Superb choice).

When we got home, Eric had nursed our little drama queen back to health and he was perfectly safe, sound and sleepy in his crate.

It's good to be back, people! God Bless the USA!!



  1. I love so much about this.
    1. you are home.
    2. the dramatic music playing in the's in my head all day
    3. Sheetz

  2. i'm glad you're back too, but trust that you had a magical time :)

  3. First of all I'm glad you are home safe! So sorry to hear about Turk! That's scary:(
    Secondly, has Sheetz been in VA for a long time? I'd never heard of it until I lived in Pittsburgh this past year! So afraid I have been completely out of the loop!