Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Substitute Blogger

Hello bloggies, this is N signing in with a quick guest post.
My beautiful and talented wife is out and about with a group of students in Washington D.C. museum hopping and sightseeing. We had a discussion just the other day about how it's never ceases to amaze us that if you happen to live near a famous attraction/landmark, that you never visit it because it's either too convenient or you just aren't interested.

One of the many places that Brett grew up was Colonial I mean Williamsburg, VA, land of the white wig and fife and drum. As Brett so eloquently put it, "Dating a member of the fife and drum corps was much cooler than dating the quarterback of the football team". I personally love the place and have many fond childhood memories of walking around the grounds with my family taking pictures in front of just about everything.

I grew up about 30 min south of Washington D.C. and even though I was so very close to the Nation's capital, I never visited unless it was a school field trip or a family/friend from out of town was visiting. Now, after moving away, I do regret not going into the city more as D.C is one of the most beautiful and unique cities I have ever been to.

On a more serious note, I would like to take a quick moment to thank each and every one of you who reads, talks about, and comments on this blog. Writing is Brett's passion and she lives for beautiful moments and beautiful words. I can't tell you how excited she is to be able to connect with you all and share moments that have made a lasting impact on her life. I can't tell you how proud I am that she is doing what she loves.

So, I wanted to leave you with 4 tidbits of wisdom from a "wise" 26 year old man/kid.

1)  while mildly cliche, I urge you all to follow you passions because not only will it make you more fulfilled than anything else, others around you will sense that and want to support you and love you all the more.

2) surrounding yourself with a strong community of friends and family goes a long way in developing a sound character that lasts a lifetime.

3) God is so good and even though hard times come in life, he is constant, he is full of grace, and he will always love you unconditionally.

4) everyone should get a Vizsla because they will bring you so much joy, and so many priceless pictures.

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