Thursday, June 23, 2011

other women

I remember watching my very first Beth Moore video sometime last year. The study was on Esther and the tag for it was something like “It’s tough being a woman.” Before the taping of the series, Beth had asked women from all over to write in and answer the question,

“What’s the toughest part about being a woman?”

She read some of the answers aloud, and a lot of them were something like:

“Shaving my legs. Every day.”
“Balancing being a good mom, a successful professional and a loving wife.”
“Wearing hose.”
“Dealing with the societal pressure to be sexy.”
But the answer that Beth got more than any other answer when asked,

“What the toughest part about being a woman?”


“Other women.”

That stings, y’all. And it stings because it’s true. Women can be cruel. I can’t remember feeling more abandoned or betrayed than by female “friends.” And I know I've done my fair share of hurting, too. I know I’m not alone here, right?

Just recently, a strong, successful woman whom I admire told me about a group of women who essentially excluded her from their circle. A grown group of women, y’all! It almost made me cry right then and there.

Then another friend told me about the excruciating day when she woke up realized that one of her “best friends” never actually did anything to build her up, but only acted out of jealousy and used harsh criticism to bring her down.

As I sit here, I can recall countless small remarks made by girl friends that made me feel about one inch tall. I can remember being physically left behind at a stranger’s house. I remember being told that I shouldn’t wear the color orange “ever again” and to this day, I own nothing even close to the orange family.

I don’t think I’ve ever met another female who hasn’t felt this way at one time or another.

Sisters, we’ve gotta stick together! This world is mean enough as it is. Let’s fight for each other—build each other up. Do you like your friend’s skirt today? Tell her. Do you think your friend is wise? Tell her. Are you impressed by how honorably she handles situations? Tell her. Are you enamored by how beautiful she is when she’s 8 months pregnant? Well, by gosh, tell her!

Let’s band together, ladies. I’m making it my goal this week to build my sisters up in whatever ways I can.

Let’s do this!




  1. Amen, sister. Seriously, thank you for this. One of the toughest elements of womanhood for me to deal with is gossip, both hearing it and not stopping it and getting sucked into it. Thanks for this reminder to be the kind of woman I would want to be friends with.

  2. Cannot agree with you anymore!I try to do this as much as I can with my girl friends. It's amazing how much one small compliment can change a persons day, attitude, and outlook on life. Spread the word! :)

  3. God bless you girl! You speak truth. I can't tell you the countless times I have experienced similar things and acted in similar ways. Ironically, the place I have felt it the most is at seminary. A group of women and I have started a Beth Moore bible study (To Live is Christ) that we hope will help us band together rather than tear each other apart. Please pray for our seedling group as we strive to become women of support rather than of competition. Love you lady!

  4. I love that series. I hope I wasn't the one to tell you to not wear orange ;) Love you and this! Great word!!!

  5. lovin your blog. loving you! You are a beautiful woman of God. Can't wait for more sunrays.

  6. Is this why you called me this morning to be happy with me about baby saxon doh doh? Girl, you put it in practice. LOVINS!