Friday, June 10, 2011

friday fashion fail

It’s Friday, people! Happiness all around. I’ve got a weekend full of super duper fun things like a surprise b’day party for someone super fab tonight, and Kelsey Pack-to-be-Purks’s bridal shower at the JMU Aroboretum tomorrow morning. Then we’ll wind down on Saturday night by sipping wine under the summer night sky at Starry Nights

Last night, in giddy preparation for these events, I thought I’d make my way to Anthro for some wardrobe inspiration. I found some super-cute high-waisted green shorts on sale, so—naturally—I snagged those puppies and went on my merry way.** Upon trying said shorts on at home in front of a full length mirror, I nearly screamed at the way that my waist disappeared, leaving behind a rectangular blobby trunk instead. I even tried on slimming tops and strappy heels to make me appear more feminine. Alas, no waist. I turned around in the mirror, hoping to see that at least my butt looked good. Nope. Instead of a healthy bottom, it seemed there was a huge, elongated green apple crawling up my low back.


Happy Friday, people! May you have wonderful--although perhaps untrendy--weekends!


**first I paid for them

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  1. what a great idea to have a bridal shower in the arboretum !! i'm sure that's going to be a beautiful place this time of year for a shower out there. hope you have a great weekend!