Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the first day of summer

Happy first day of summer, blogosphere!

Despite the fact that my skin tone doesn’t agree with pastels or that my hair doesn’t do too great with humidity or that my cheeks get pink when I walk out to get the mail or that I can’t find a deodorant strong enough,  I think that summer is simply wonderful. WONDERFUL.

Here are a few of my favorite things about summer :

-sleeping with the windows open—overhead fan on high
-freshly-cut watermelon slices, with a squeeze of lime, chopped up cilantro and crumbled feta.Don’t knock it ‘till you try it, people!
-shaven legs on clean, cool sheets
-running a  5k on a Friday night, with free wine tastings to boot!
- sweet tea from a mason jar—crushed ice, please
-nighttime walks to the Downtown Mall with my man, then picking up a little Sweet Frog for the walk home, of course!
-skirts, shorts, dresses (read: free leggies!)
-being tan….sort of. OK, fine. Being freckled.
-beach hair, hat hair, headbands and natural highlights
-driving with the country music blaring—foot out the window (if N’s driving)
-long weekends at the Outer Banks, NC—making sure we stop at Grandy's for a free sample of fresh peaches on the way. YUM.
-iced coffees in perspiring, plastic Starbucks cups

What do you all love about summer?



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