Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the waiting game

welp. exit has auditioned in chicago and now they play the waiting game.

n. got home at 3:30am on monday morning and we talked until about 4:15am. this is what i remember from that conversation:

-n. was home

-n. smelled like a lawnmower

-the show has apparently gotten a full season granted to them instead of  half-- the way it used to be, so now they're taking (and auditioning) more groups until they make their final call.

i'm cool with the waiting game. it just means i can keep pretending like my summer plans (ahem. mexico.) won't be turned upside down if nathaniel is called away to spend 2 or 3 months recording in L.A.

some might call this denial? refusal to look at reality? selfishness?

anyhow, that's what i know...more to come!



  1. So exciting and annoying and great!

  2. you know, i will gladly fill Nate's spot on the mexico trip so you don't have to forfeit ;) i mean the being the other person you go with spot...lol

  3. Best of off things to you.

  4. Best of all things to you.