Sunday, May 1, 2011

easter at the Baker-y

We hosted Easter this year, people. And we hosted MY family--my 23-member, down-home-southern-cookin', talk-over-eachother, "I-reckon," add-some-more-butter-to-that-there-casserole, Paula-Deen, Southern-Living catalog family. Every single woman in my family has a knack for perfecting delicious recipes, a keen eye for shabby-chic decorating, an uncanny ability to host 24 hungry mouths in one house, and the biggest, most patient of hearts to go along with it.

Needless to say, I was feeling the pressure and anxious about the shoes I was to fill. My sweet Mama came down on Good Friday to ease my mind and coach me through the do's and do not's of hosting the fam. My mom was born to host rockin' parties and she walked me through the weekend and taught me snippets like:

-ask people to bring the mobile dishes
-put the beans on the stove early. the longer southern beans simmer, the better they taste
-clear the counter space before the guests arrive
-put air freshener and extra toilet paper in the bathroom
-use paper plates and plastic utensils
-when in doubt, add salt and butter....or sugar
-relax with your guests; you'll never regret spending time with people you love. the dishes in the sink can wait.

Thanks to my mom, and all of the wonderful, helpful, good-hearted women whom I call aunt Mel, aunt Marsha, aunt Marmi and Oma, the day went over without a hitch. We laughed and ate (and ate and ate) into the evening.

The Good Lord have us a beautiful day to celebrate the Resurrection. All praises unto Him.

And celebrate, we did. Here are a few pics of how the Baker-y did Easter:

we found these beauties at the cville farmer's market

n's amazingly-talented beautiful cousin made us these adorable napkins

we snagged these goodies from Cappellino's, who recently made national news for sending at least 19 full-term pregnant women into labor with their lemon cupcakes!!

all of the houff cousins, in age order! 

and in height order.....the tallest is 15

for this picture, we tried to recreate one of our favorite "fab 4" pictures from when we were kiddos:


Happy Easter, folks. Jesus is risen!!!


  1. BRETT! I'm dying laughing at your photo recreation. A few summers ago, my cousins, brother and I recreated a cousin photo. Photo recreations are the greatest thing ever.

  2. I second the love for the photo recreation; that is hysterical!!! My cousins and I try to line up in the same order for photos a lot: but we've never recreated a childhood one with expressions and such. You've motivated me to bring old photos to our next family gathering!

  3. Beautiful job Brett! Your home looks so inviting for Easter. Love all the cousin photos! I think Nathaniel should have jumped in on the height order picture. :)

  4. Wow- that is a lot of people! I'm glad the weather was nice for you. :-)

  5. Wait. How can they prove that it was the LEMON CUPCAKES?? Secret ingredient: castor oil?

  6. Sounds like a fabulously Southern Easter celebration! There is nothing quite like Easter in the South. So glad you had such a wonderful family gathering at your adorable house!

  7. Delicious pictures and post. I love all of your mother's tips and I will use them at my next soiree!

  8. I haven't checked in for awhile but I must say that I like everything about this post. I was raised more southern than I should have been!