Friday, April 22, 2011

the season we're in

It’s Good Friday, and it feels like half of the company has taken the day off. I’m sitting in my cube—my iced caramel macchiato is sweating. I’ve finished most of my work for the day, so I’m color-coding my grocery list.

Life is so different now than the way it used to be. When we first got married, and I wasn’t working, I used to count down the minutes until Nathaniel came home. I would have dinner ready, and the biggest decisions we had to make were: LOST or Dexter? White or Red? Brownies or cookies? Oh, those decadent, fleeting days. I am thankful, though. I knew they were fleeting, so I was able to cherish them. I love to think about them now. As sumptuous and intimate as they were, I think that I am happier even now.

We went to a wedding a few weeks ago, and the maid of honor said this in her toast:

“Ten years from now, I hope that you look back on this day as the day that you loved each other the least.”

I almost cried right there. How sweet are those words, and how true.

I loved N. on our wedding day. I loved how he cried and how he kept stepping on my dress when we danced. I loved how my face hurt from smiling and how many times we kissed. I loved how we fed each other donuts and how handsome he looked in his chocolate brown tux.

But I love him more now. I love that we’ve been through crap together. I love that we have a good solid year of peeling back the layers and seeing what lies underneath the prettiness of a wedding day. I love that we leave the bathroom door open. I love that we divide dog poop duty. I love that we laugh at each other’s farts until we think we might cry. I love that we eat Taco Bell when I don’t have time to go the grocery store before it closes. I love that we fight and then……..make up.

I love the season that we’re in right now. It’s mobile and busy and crazy and fun and at time, frivolous. We have softball games and Junior League functions and community groups and Beth Moore studies and worship band and dog play dates and double date nights and business trips and eye appointments because the dog ate my glasses. And I love that we’re enjoying this “DINK” phase (double-income-no-kids) and buying things like lawnmowers and mattresses and going out to eat a lot. I love that no one is pressuring us to have children before we’re ready. (If you’re a family member reading this, THANK YOU for being so supportive of this…..except for Kiki, who bought me a prenatal yoga video for Christmas…=) ) I love you to pieces, anyway.

Isaiah says “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice behind you saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'”

The Lord is directing the steps in our marriage and we are enjoying the season we’re experiencing. It’s is a Good Friday, indeed. And He is Good to us.


  1. You finally posted! Took you long enough. ;)

  2. i just wrote down isaiah 30:21 in my calendar. and circled it. and maybe highlighted it. in my organized calendar! thank you for sharing this, sweet friend. love this post! also loved seeing you bright and early this am in our cars and smiling our big open mouth smiles at each other as we drove ahead. that was delightful.

    also? my maid of honor said that in her speech on our wedding day, too. took people a minute to get it, but once they did they loved it :) there was a lot of "wait, what? worst day ever? huh?!....ohhhhh, wait, i get it..."

  3. I remember those days... you're right to cherish them, and I'm glad we knew to do so. But then, they're all like that. Each moment comes only once. I'm glad we met you two, and I love how this post also makes even more pleased to think about what Kels and Tripp have ahead of them. <3 Hope to see you this summer!
    Ash (Kelsey's sister)

  4. Brett,
    Loved the post! Love all the posts. Love your life. Live it girl...just live it! You go girl!!! LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Loved your courtship. Loved your engagement. Loved your wedding...LOVED IT! Loving your marriage to a good loving man. LOVE IT!!! Will love your beautiful lovely children, your lovely beautiful grandchildren, and your charmingly lovely and beautiful great grand children, and all the beautiful lovely spouses that every descendant of yours enters into holy matrimony with. LOVE IT ALL!!! YEAH!!!!

    Your bro