Saturday, March 19, 2011

wonderful things about today

-the Junior League put on a fantastically, encouragingly successful Kids in the Kitchen at Albemarle High School this morning. I gave out fresh (and local) fruit smoothies to cute, freckly kiddos. Not a bad way to start a beautiful Saturday!

-I finally found a delicious gluten-free beer at the Whole Foods today. I'm currently enjoying one while sitting cross-legged in the breakfast nook. Praises.

-N. walked in the door this afternoon with that boyishly cute smile on his face and these in his arms:

-it's 67 and sunny outside, and I've got angus burgers in the fridge for tonight

-I can't put down my current read, The Help. Everyone's been telling me to read it, and I'm so glad I finally am. 

-my little Turkey boy turned one last Saturday. Ever since then, he's developed a sense for being protective of me. It's comforting and cute, and it makes me feel safer when N's out of town. 

I hope you're all having fabulously fun weekends, and if you're among the blessed who live in Virginia, I hope that you're enjoying this beautiful-almost-Spring weather!


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