Saturday, March 5, 2011

photos for mom

The last time my sisters and I had our photos taken,  I was still in my baby fat stage, Kiki had a middle part and Hayley was five. These photos were also taken at the mall in a store called "The Picture People." Yikes.

It's my mom's birthday today, so we decided to get some pictures done for her.

My sweet and talented friend, Marcy May, threw her camera over her shoulder and ventured with the Batten sisters to Sugar Hollow, where we took some photos together for mom.

I love you, Mom. Here's to replace that God-awful picture hanging on the step landing. I hope that, when you look at these, you feel loved, because you are.

doing the wobbly leg


  1. Ya'll are too cute! What a wonderful idea for your mom:) I'm sure she just loved it! I think that last picture may be my favorite

  2. truly beautiful!! what a priceless those faces!!

  3. good grief...the three of you are too beautiful! Love the photos.