Friday, March 25, 2011

me time

I’ve never been one to have “me” time. I’m a born and bred extrovert, so my favorite “me” time almost always includes other people….lots of them. I’m definitely a the-more-the-merrier type. But not tomorrow.

Tomorrow is one of my first ever declared me days.

I realized a few nights ago that I couldn’t remember the last time I went grocery shopping. It’s been so long since I ran out of normal lunch or dinner food, that I blended up some blueberries and cookies and cream ice cream in the freezer and called it lunch . Yesterday, lunch was a bag of frozen broccoli. I ran out of dog treats a week ago. The only thing I could give Turk this morning was shredded cheese, which he thought was fun, but actually was pathetic. Nathaniel’s been such a trooper—eating hummus on stale bread and spoonfuls of peanut butter for lunch. I could cry just thinking about his cute malnourished self!

Suffice it to say that the past few weeks have been busy. I know know, everyone is busy. I normally can’t stand it when people use busy-ness as an excuse, but this time it’s for REAL! I promise!

So, tomorrow, while Nathaniel drives up to visit his Mama for her birthday, I’ll be staying back. Many of you have heard me say the phrase FMS (Fear of Missing Something) and tomorrow will one of my very firsts tests against the symptoms!

I’ll be staying behind to catch up: on laundry, on groceries, on finally getting my name legally changed, on taking passport photos at the Rite Aid until I don’t look like I’m constipated, on shaving my legs, on emails, on buying black dress pants and on thank you notes for my birthday gifts.

I have found that it’s much better to admit when you’ve hit a wall than to spread yourself too thin and then have a bad attitude about it.

So, folks, that’ll be my Saturday!

What are you all doing?



  1. Oh, I definitely suffer from FMS, too! I hate that feeling! And that's a lot of things to accomplish in a "me" day. My "me" days usually involve a pedicure and a nap.

  2. I wish I were more like you! I THRIVE off of me-time and go bonkers if I don't have it. I simply MUST go to a coffee shop at least once a week to read a book. And I'd rather go shopping by myself than with friends. And I can't clean the house if my husband's around, so sometimes I ask him to leave so I can clean ;)

    So while I might get a lot "accomplished," I'll bet you have more friends than I do :) Life's all in finding a balance between other-time and me-time :) Good for you for scheduling some time just for yourself!