Tuesday, March 1, 2011

kind of birthday

It’s my kind of birthday today. I was born on leap year. Each year, I try to take the time to sit and evaluate the most previous one—how I’ve grown or not grown, what I’ve learned about myself or about life or about God. I normally sit with a mug of coffee on my bed or on my sofa, and take time to sift through the past twelve months. I normally cry a little---I am always surprised at how much a year can change a person. I should say, how much God can change a person in a year. This year, I don’t have the time to sit and thumb through the files in my brain and soul while lounging in my sweatpants in a college dorm room. Instead, I’m sitting in my little cube drinking water out of a mason jar, eyeing a Reese’s cup that a friend gave to me. It is different this year, but still rich. I am richly blessed. I had actually forgotten that it was my kind of birthday when I woke up. (A sweet friend commented that forgetting your birthday is a sign of a happy life…I like this). I woke up to floods of kind and thoughtful comments on my facebook wall and beautiful birthday cards in my mailbox outside. It was a happy realization.

So, as I sit here in my cube (and write in between phone calls and emails) I am thankful for the things I've done and learned in my 22nd year:

-No one has time to do everything. And even if I did, it doesn't mean I should. A full schedule doesn't equal a happy life.

-A healthful home life and a happy marriage will always be more important than the amount of time I spend with my friends or the vounteer hours I log. It's OK to say "no".

- I can make the choice every day to overcome insecurity. 

- Overbaked chicken is as worthless as belly button lint. 

-Prayer is powerful

-Dogs are like children that you can crate, except they never mature past the age of a four year old. They are, though, the most faithful creatures on earth. And everyone should have one, I think. 

-Clean sheets are necessary for my mental health. 

-I have learned that wasting time is something I physically cannot stand to do. I carried $200 worth of groceries in the house the other day, just so I didn't have to make two trips. I talk on the phone in the bathroom stalls at work, so that I can do back to my desk and finish a task when I'm done. This is my confession--I think I have an addiction to efficiency. 

-Community is of dire importance to my spiritual life. 

-Nathaniel loves me. I have finally learned this year that I don't have to earn it. He just does. 

-I should always be reading a good book. It just makes my life better. 

-Being pale is OK. In fact, sometimes it can be quite pretty. 

-Eating good food is better than eatings lots of food. The same goes for wine. 

-I will never regret spending time with family. 

It's been a great 22nd year, bloggies. I pray that I am as richly blessed in the 23rd one. 



  1. Or two or three! (In reference to dogs and how everyone should have one...really they should!) And happy "kind of" birthday!


  2. I hope you felt celebrated and loved the last 2 days! :) Happy Birthday!

  3. "-No one has time to do everything. And even if I did, it doesn't mean I should. A full schedule doesn't equal a happy life."
    Thanks for this! Something I know but was good to read and ponder about :-)
    Love and miss you,