Saturday, March 12, 2011

happy birthday, kiki

When my middle sister was born, she was very, very blue. Not because of lack of oxygen or because she had some sort of other defect, but because she was born so fast. She doctor wasn't even in the delivery room.

She had a mind to come into the world right then and there, and by golly, she did.

That's the way she's been ever since. If Kristen "Kiki" Melody Batten's got a mind to do it--she'll do it.

When she got her immunization shots as a kid, my mom offered her ice cream if she didn't cry. So she didn't.

She once haggled a street vendor for a pair of shoes in the middle of new york city. And got him to come down $30.

Kiki's confident and pretty and artsy and fun and empathetic and determined.

We have a joke that I always call her "big sister" because of the way she looks out for me--

She was the only one who told me to stop wearing jeans that were too big for me and that it wasn't OK to go to the gap and buy one of each color of the crew neck tees.

She tells me when I need to dye my hair.

She tells me when a particular outfit isn't working.

She taught me how to decorate and that I should never put a piece of furniture flush up against two walls at one time....thanks. :)

She taught me that toasting the bread makes a good sandwich great.

She introduces me to good song artists.

If you asked her what she wants for her birthday, she'd say "world peace"...and she'd mean it.

This summer she's going to Ghana and she'll teach in a classroom with special needs children.

Today she turns 21. 21 years ago, I teetered into a hospital room and held my little blue baby sister. When she was little she called grown ups "redults." And now she is one. A beautiful, independent, redult.

Happy 21st, big sister. Oh....and bottoms up!



  1. Hey Brett! I was reading this blog: and thought that you might also enjoy it.


  2. Sisters are the best! Love this post :) So heartfelt and sincere...