Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sitting at my desk

I’m sitting at my desk, y’all. I’ve tacked up wedding pictures that curl up at the ends because I ran out of pins to hold them down. My team got me flowers for my birthday already and they smell like the heavens. I’m drinking a Pepsi, because someone made super-weak coffee in the kitchen and I was dying for caffeine. I love sitting here. I never thought I’d love a cubicle job, but it’s wonderful. I love the whirring of the heater when everyone’s quietly working. I love how I can tell who is near my desk by the sound of their laugh. (For some reason, almost everyone here has a unique and identifiable laugh—delightful!) I love being close to the kitchen, so that I can fill my cup with the most incredible ice cubes known to man. I love my color-coded excel sheet. I love making my to-do list and highlighting it in pink when I’ve finished a task. I love having an electronic card that gets me in and out of doors in the building like I’m in some sort of ninja/spy movie. I love the mutual appreciation that people seem to have for one another here. I love my cube neighbor, whom I frequently holler to when I have questions. She is patient with me when I ask stupid things. Like today, when I dropped a very important document behind the printer and I asked her,

“Where can I find a couple boys to help me move this printer?”

And she said,

“It’s on wheels, honey. Just push it.”

And I said,




I’ve got organized piles with yellow stickies on them, reminding me what I need to do before I send them out.

I feel happy here—useful and happy.

It’s a fantastic feeling to be useful.

And it’s a fantastic feeling to have purpose.

As I sit here, I am thankful for the long months that God took me through with job rejection after job rejection. I was impatient, but God knew what He had for me. I’m glad I waited on Him. I’m glad for what I learned during those months—

That He is faithful

That He knows me better

That He provides

That He is good

Happy hump day, folks. I love y’all.


  1. I live in the cubicle worl as well and your post is definitely true. I am a huge fan of the color coding and highlighting items, once completed on my to do lists.

    Love the sense of accomplishment and when your so busy that the day flies and before you know it the sun is setting as the clock strikes 5. I also love reading your posts on my lunch break!

    Do you have President's day off? I am already looking forward to a three day weekend!

  2. sounds like a great place to work. what is it you do at worldstrides?