Thursday, February 17, 2011

our valentine's day...or leading up to it, at least

On Saturday night, I puked pizza.

On Sunday, I felt nauseated all the way through church and almost fell asleep driving home.

On Monday, I felt nauseated and had to lay my face on my desk because of a splitting headache.

On Monday afternoon,  N. bought a pregnancy test, and I took it.

It was negative, so on Monday night (Valentine's day) we made sushi + drank wine + watched The Talented Mr. Ripley. We had to turn off the movie halfway through, because we both fell asleep on the couch. We were pretzeled together--a huge white fleece blanket from Target tangled between us. Turk kept trying to jump up on the sofa (something he's not allowed to do, but sometimes gets away with it, if we are asleep). It was a sweet moment. Some people would call it boring. I thought it was wonderful---comfortable, quiet and loving. It was maybe the best Valentine's night ever.



  1. Sometimes the boring "dates" are the best ones. :) Sounds like you guys had an amazing evening. <3

  2. "N bought me a pregnancy test and I took it." Almost gave me a heart attack. Thanks a lot. ;)