Friday, January 7, 2011

random friday thoughts

I'm in Williamsburg today, bloglets! I'm here to meet with a nutritionist to see if we can conquer my digestive distress. It runs in the fam...

That's a downer. On the upside, this weekend is mine and N's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and we'll be retreating to our grandparent's lake house, just the two of us + Turk. More to come on the first year of marriage.

For now, bloggies. I leave you with this video. This is what Turk wants to do every time N. plays the piano. It warms my heart and makes me want to squeeze both of them till their eyes pop out.



  1. How cute is Turk here?! I suppose it makes up for all those accidents in the beginnings with him?!

  2. so cute! poor turk wants to be a lap dog.:)

  3. Imagine my surprise that I was able to subscribe to your blog in not one, but two ways! At almost 49, I was amazed that at some point in time I had set up both a Twitter and Google account! And, I'm so happy because I have finally caught up on your wonderful life since you left our home enroute to become engaged to N.
    I posted your blog to my 1600 "friend" (most of whom, of course, i do not know) Facebook Wall, hoping that others will enjoy your fresh perspectives and easy-breezy writing style! The past 12 months for me were, as you may know, were not my best. (Would a living hell be too strong, ha?) I missed your wedding AND sending a gift, so perhaps I will win some dubious award as last present-giver when you receive something in the mail. Thank you for blogging, and loving being a WIFE. I pray my four daughters and my one some-day daughter-in-law will be kindred spirits. Much love, Dawn Oldham

  4. Hi Brett! :) You & your writings are so sweet! I found ya thru a friend of your MIL. I've actually met your MIL thru a Creative Memories event awhile back. Anyway, I'll be back to read more. Blessings, Becky
    P.S. love the dog!