Tuesday, January 18, 2011

new york, new job, new news:

I'm sitting in my breakfast nook.  I made a whole pot of breakfast tea* and two scrambled eggs. Then I cut a half of an avocado and put it on top. This  may be my last leisurely breakfast nook morning for awhile. My new job starts tomorrow. I am excited, but I will miss my peaceful mornings.

*My nutritionist told me I had to cut coffee for 30 days. That's an entirely different post. I can hardly talk about it.

This weekend, N. and I flew to NYC for his audition for The Voice. A dear friend let us stay in his oh-so-trendy-apartment in Manhattan. We were joined by two other friends, Monica + Jeremy. The five of us spent some time bee-bopping around eating swanky brunches and perusing flea markets for steals. Come nighttime, when the audition craziness had subsided, Mike ushered us around the city to some fantastic restaurants + wine bars. DiWine might have been my favorite followed oh-so closely by the Parlour. I forgot that Irish pubs in New York are actually run by Irish people with sweet accents.

Now. The real reason for this post:

Nathaniel had an incredible audition. I don't think he was even nervous. I, on the other hand, was making trips to the bathroom every ten minutes. He got a call back, and did a fantastic job there, too. That's all we really know for now, but we're believing that God will lead us according to His will for our lives.

On the first day, N. was told that he was a "maybe" for a callback, and that we would hear by 12:00am that night if he were to get one. We didn't hear by midnight, so we thanked God for the opportunity and decided to make the most of the rest of our time in NY. We were on our way to a brunch with some friends on Sunday afternoon when N. got a voicemail on his phone from the casting company, asking if he would come by for a callback! We just sort of looked at each other, then scrambled to get food in our bellies, find another song for N. to sing and hurriedly got our tails back to the studio. During our run/walk back to the building, we talked about how we believe that

sometimes we need to lay things at His feet before God gives it back to us

It was a good reminder that we're only vessels for the gifts we've been given. God prompted this opportunity, and He will follow through with it---no matter what that looks like.

It is well with our souls.

We are blessed. I am proud of my man.

You'll have to pardon my potential absence this week as I start my new job and we host a new group here at our house on Wednesdays. I'll be back soon.

Love y'all. Thanks for the prayers + support.


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  1. Hey - how crowded were the NY auditions? I have a slot for the Miami audtion, and I want to know what to prepare for. Thanks!