Tuesday, January 4, 2011

February & March 2010: what I did/what I learned

February 2010 marked what Charlottesville still calls "Snowpocalypse." It took until well into summer for the snow pile outside of Chipotle to melt, and since Virginians aren't exactly known for their wintery weather preparations, it meant that Cville spent a lot of time cooped up. My self very much included. By the third week of February, I had:
-finished all of my thank you notes
-read my way through half of the Charlottesville library
-watched three seasons of LOST
-eaten 45 frozen pizzas
-worn holes into two pairs of wool socks
-painted half of the house
-returned/exchanged all of our wedding gift multiples
- and taken way too many photobooth videos of myself: video


In February I learned the meaning of rest. Life doesn't have to feel like it's chasing itself, I think. I had just come off of a crazy few months where I tried to fit about 17 life-altering milestones into three weeks. I needed February. My soul needed solitude, peace...nothingness. 

March was a month of newness:
-meeting this new friend
-joining a gym and becoming a yogi
-meeting my precious niece:

-volunteering at my new church
-doing this new study
- trashing my dress:

(photo cred: joel mills + jon schaaf)
(hair + makeup cred: lora kelley)

March was a month to stretch out my wings, make new friends, try new stuff. Who knew I'd ever model? For anything? Why me? Who knew I'd actually enjoy belonging to a gym? Who knew I'd ever actually follow through with a bible study?

I am thankful for February + March of 2010, for teaching me how to rest then letting me try to fly.



  1. i love that "life doesn't have to feel like it's chasing itself, i think". good LORD, words for my soul, sweet friend. thank you.

  2. when we drank coffee for three hours and then i was able to convince you to come over and do p90x yoga, i knew we'd be great friends :) love you!

  3. "...murdered, abused, broken in many places.." hahahaha i love you

  4. Your second video kills me.