Monday, January 24, 2011

changes, changes everywhere!

I'm back, people! And I've missed the blogosphere. There's nothing like the blogging world, I think. Even though most of us have never met, I feel like we encourage one another just the same. Happy day.

There are changes everywhere around the Bakery.

Let's start with the most shallow ...recent:

I chopped my hair:

I almost always regret my spur of the moment hair decisions (remember this one?) Doozy. But this one I'm liking! It's simple. It's versatile. It's working. Finally, some good hair days in my life.

Now onto the most indulgent:

I'm eating meat again! I thought for awhile that it was meat that gave me so many digestive issues. My new nutritionist pointed out that it's probably not the meat at all. Rather, it's the gluten that we commonly eat with meat. For example: spaghetti sauce with noodles or a hamburger on a bun. I've cut out gluten (and coffee.....kill me now!) and my stomach has gotten a bit happier. I still struggle with the daily stomach cramps, but I believe that it is getting better. If you think about it, pray for me?? The process has been discouraging....and long. 

We've stuck to Insanity thus far, and I actually have muscles in my arms. When I lifted my arms to flat iron my hair this morning I saw a little tone! It's a miracle, folks. 

I just love the new job--color coding excel sheets, decorating a clean cubicle, going to meetings. They also have the most fantastic ice cubes in the kitchen, and a bunch of my friends from Portico work there, too. It's fanstinkingtastic.

What's new in your lives???


  1. LOVE your hair. Obviously, I'm a fan of short cuts. Looks great! Also- you need to post before/after pics of you guys after your insanity workout. Haha. Looks dreadful.

  2. I feel you on the stomach issues! We cut out 99% of our dairy intake about 2 years ago (we're soy junkies now) - milk in particular always made me feel so icky and bloated. I don't know if I'd be able to get rid of pasta (be strong!), but if the desire fades like my desire to eat ice cream or other dairy products, you'll be just fine :-)

    I'm also following you on the "just say no" to coffee route...I haven't cut it out completely but I'm limiting my cuppage and switching to investment ever was some good loose leaf tea for my desk and a cute little infuser. Makes the mornings warm :-)

    And again...I freaking HEART the hair. Mine is killing me, especially on these freezing Chicago mornings when it takes half an hour to dry...

  3. I love your hair cut. You are looking amazing.

    I much rather have my carbs than meat but I'm glad to hear that your stomach is getting better.

    New jobs are exciting aren't they?

    Not much new going on with my life. Maybe I need to work on changing that..

  4. I have MISSED your blog! thanks for sharing your life and gifted writing!

  5. Brett-
    Missed you!! I approve of the hair.!. No coffee? Can you have espresso? I would just stick with espresso :) What's new with me? Just twitter. @breezestyling. I hated it the first few weeks but kinda like it. Oh. and new blog posts of course! Love you!!

  6. Yay for you being all healthy!
    *high five*
    Congrats on the new job!
    *double high five*
    LOVE the new hair!
    (would a chest bump be taking it too far? oh well. *chest bump*)