Monday, December 27, 2010

two days after Christmas:

It's two days after Christmas. I don't even want to think about taking my tree down. There are no more presents left under it, but there's a box of Catch Phrase that we played a bunch over the past few days.
N. has gone back to work. My dad was snowed in last night but left this morning before I got up. It was my sisters and my first"two Christmases" year, which is what I've heard my friends call Christmas with divorced parents. It was two Christmases indeed--an upside to having parents who aren't together anymore. I thought it would be harder than it actually was. Praise.

So far this morning I've had a half pot of coffee, ran through the snow in shorts to scold my dog for running into the neighbor's house, searched online for a duplicate of the white, fuzzy blanket that Marcy let me borrow, eaten white chocolate-covered pretzels, counted how many days of my birth control pill I've missed this month (only one!), taken a probiotic and some psyllium pills (with coffee) and looked for nannying jobs on Craigslist. Life is good.

I love being at home. I have not wanted to admit this for awhile, because it's not very modern of me, I think. It's 2010 (almost '11) and I feel like I'm "supposed" to be in the work world, right? I guess. But the truth is:

I love cooking meals for my husband
I love cleaning my home
I love running our errands
I love getting N's dry cleaning (light starch, please)
I love walking our dog
I love doing laundry
I love finding deals, clipping coupons, living frugally and getting creative
I love making our home a peaceful place for N. to come home to
I love blogging every morning
I love eating slow-cooked irish oats
I love side jobs here and there: clean out people's basements, babysit for cute kids, edit awesome manuscripts, write an article--every day it's different and I love it.
I love freelancing
I love getting the mail when the mailman brings it--he's the nicest mailman ever
I love being able to meet friends for coffee
I love having the time to do all of these things

Today I'm going to take a few more steps down the path that God has put my feet on for now. I'm going to apply to the BlogHer network and see what happens. Wish me luck or say a prayer, bloggies! I'm so thankful that you guys read this thing! I love ya!


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  1. Your life sounds lovely! I'm enjoying your blog a lot. Keep up the good work!