Thursday, December 9, 2010

things to love about today:

-N. left the house really early this morning to get free organic donuts at work (this doesn't have anything to do with me, but anything involving donuts is great news)

-A dear friend GAVE me three of her books last night--books that she loved. She might as well have given me a winning lottery ticket. I immediately came home an stacked them neatly on my "unread" shelf. I keep eyeing them, wanting to crack of one them open right now, but I can't because

-My grandparents (BB & Gdad) are visiting today! It will be their first time here. They are super fun and go-with-the-flow. My BB is endearingly quirky: she calls dump cake "oomgawa" and when I was a kid, she'd brush my hair after a bath and call it playing "Sally Hairdresser."

-Our heater is acting up, which is kind of sucky, but also sweet for two reasons:
a) snuggling up super close to N. and putting my cold feet on him, which makes him kind of mad, but he's too sleepy to care too much. It always gets a good chuckle out of me.
b) it was so cold in our room last night (50s), that Turk jumped right up in our bed in the middle of the night (he's not allowed on the bed, except for first thing in the morning to wake me up), and found a place in between me and N. He rested his little dog head on my shoulder and breathed into my neck. It was so cozy and warm and sweet. 

-Our Christmas tree is still alive and smells like a Christmas tree. 

- I got word that the Charlottesville City Schools are looking at me for a long-term English sub job. DELIGHT. PRAISE. BOO YA. 

-The Pandora Christmas stations keeps playing Bing Crosby and James Taylor. I haven't had to skip an unruly/unacceptable/overly-pop track yet. Joy


-I found a good optometrist in town. So key. 

Happy Thursday, bloggies! Wish me luck at the cookie swap tonight. I think the crunchies turned out well, even though I set the first batch on fire. 

It's fine. 


  1. Girl, I just talked to you and you didn't mention a sub job possibility! That's awesome for many reasons that we will discuss tomorrow. :)
    As always, I love the randomness. Is that a word?

  2. Dump cake! I think your BB has found a much better name for it.

  3. hahahah have you ever had it? stinkin's delish. i'll make it for you someday and you can decide the name!

  4. i would like to know how you keep Turk out of bed. because Junie cried so bad the 1st 2 nights we had her i felt entirely guilty and let her get in bed. and also she weighs about 2 pounds. and she jumps in bed and crawls all the way under the big fluffy white comforter. where she cannot be summoned out until 5 am when she has to go potty.

  5. I hope you get that sub job, hun :) Kids would be lucky to have you as a teacher!

  6. @les--that would have killed me. he never cried. he loves his bed on the floor, unless it's freezing. we just never let him on the furniture, and he doesn't normally try.

    @christine--thanks, girl. I'll keep you posted!

  7. Maybe it's a little dog thing. I dont know. I seek your dog advice,lol.