Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sushi night at the Bakery

Sushi night means three things:
1) we have sushi
2) we have prosecco
3) we watch Gossip Girl

I head to our favorite fish market and pick up a pound of atlantic salmon. (We've tried so hard to enjoy tuna, but we just can't. It probably has everything to do with the amount of fat in salmon. Delish.) I get it skinned and they wrap it up like this:

I love it. It feels so old-fashioned and cool. 

Next, we cook our rice in a rice cooker (fool proof and delightful).
Then we cut up some avocado (we've tried it all--asparagus, carrot, cucumber, even green beans, but avocado is our fave).
We roll out our bamboo roller and place a seaweed roll (sushi nori) on top:
(these are the rolls)

Now we spread the rice over top of the roll, add fish and avocado and, well, roll it! It's simple. And delicious.

The rice is usually still warm. To die for. 

We never get any of the rolls to the table before eating all of them. Never. 

This is probably our favorite meal to make and eat together. What are your favorite meals to make/eat?



  1. I had a roll the other night with white fatty tuna (i'm sure you could sub in salmon :-p ), avacado, and CILANTRO rolled up inside - it was one of the most unexpectedly delicious combinations i've ever tried - give it a go for your next sushi night!

    Tim and I are big fans of the Sunday morning stew making. We find a great slow cooker recipe, spend the morning sipping our coffee/tea and prepping the veggies - once everything's set we can go off and run our errands and late in the day come home to a delicious warm meal (with the essential bottle of wine or newest microbrew). yum. especially good during these cold chicago winters!

  2. yum! we need to take some tips from y'all and try making sushi again...i think we need a little more practice :)

  3. Fabulous! What a great thing to learn how to make?! I love making homemade macaroni and cheese in the crock pot:) It is truly the ultimate comfort food and makes me think of home! It's amazing how Yankees respond to some good southern cookin;p

  4. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see that you roll your own sushi! You go, girl.
    P.S. Aren't rice cookers God's gift to sushi lovers?