Friday, December 17, 2010

survival tips for the unemployed housewife

A dear, sweet friend of mine--and a fellow provisional member of the Charlottesville Junior League-- sent me this list a few days ago. She came up with these tips and was kind enough to let me in on her secrets.

Thank you, Keri Billig!

Survival Tips for the [sort-of-except-for-this-blog] Unemployed Housewife: 

1. Get a library card! Free books, free entertainment!

2. When you really want a new outfit, but can’t afford it- buy some nail polish in a fun color instead!

3. AVOID Target!

4. Buy in bulk (aka- get a Sam’s Club card!).

5. Don’t feel bad for pouncing on your hubs as soon as walks in the door, talking his ear off about something mundane, or being in the same clothes he saw you in the night before.

6. Spend a chilly afternoon at home trying out a new recipe (and keep a frozen pizza in your freezer just in case!).

7. Reward yourself when you sacrifice. If you pass on that beautiful new sweater- go home and take a long bubble bath. When you & Nathaniel skip on an expensive outing…well the bubble bath thing works great here too!

8. Wait for the movie to come out on DVD.

9. Grate your own cheese. This is eco-friendly, budget friendly, and you can eat all the nibbly bits that are too small to shred!

10. If you’re feeling bored, lonely, discouraged- call me! I’m probably doing the same thing!

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  1. Minus the pouncing on husband part... I found this totally applicable to my life. Avoiding Target because I'm lacking an income is so necessary for me right now.