Wednesday, December 8, 2010

something old, something new

something borrowed, something...crunchy.

I don't think I've officially blogged yet about how amazing it is to be a provisional in the Charlottesville Junior League. It's fun, y'all. And rewarding. And hilarious. And a great way to meet sweet, new women.

Well, tomorrow is the League's annual Cookie Swap. We get together with the League's sustainers (at least this is the way I'm foreseeing it play out:) mosey around a big room, gab, trade cookies and "take them home" aka eat a good amount while you're I right, actives?

Anyway, for the swap, I'm going to take a bold step, and try out a recipe from Nathaniel's great-grandmother, Mamom. I never met her, but my sweet mother-in-law gave me her recipe for butterscotch crunchies:

Now, my grandma, BB, also makes these, so I've got some pretty big shoes to fill. 

The something new part of the equation is this:

I was thinking about dipping a few of them in chocolate, too. Just half of the crunchy, like a chocolate-dipped-butterscotch-crunchy-thing. Thoughts? Is this overkill? Or does it sound delicious?

I choose delicious.


  1. I they they sound AMAZING!!! And I would LOVE to have the recipe for those (if it's not a secret) :)

  2. that sounds amazing...anything dipped in chocolate is delicious!

  3. we ALWAYS make them with chocolate- I think it's 6oz of chocolate chips and 6oz of butterscotch chips per bag of noodles. melt, pour, coat, let them cool, and BAM! Daubert birds' nests. AMAZING.