Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Para Post

this is what my morning looks like:

one blueberry muffin and one 16 oz skim latte at Para Coffee.

I got here about an hour early to blog, but at 9:00, I'm meeting a dear, dear friend of mine for, well, more coffee. She is a bride-to-be (in Sept. of '11), and she just might have found her dress yesterday!

I had grand aspirations this morning when I woke up--that I would mosey into Para, pick a cozy spot, and write a really long, thought-provoking, existential blog post. Alas, I've been sitting here a half an hour and such revelations have not come to me.

I'm learning to navigate my own creative writing process and not try and force it, so with that said, I've decided that I'll simply write what's really on my mind this morning:

1. I ate meat last night. Gasp. My bowels hate me this morning. BUT. This is why: We had two pounds of leftover ground beef from having folks over the night before, and I'll be darned if this wife's going to let that much food go to waste on my budget. So I cowgirled up, whipped up a lasagna and ate three pieces of the sucker. And I'm eating more tonight.

2. Primary Eyecare is the biggest fail in Charlottesville*. Yesterday, I went in for a regular exam, where they tried to trick me into signing a contact lens fitting agreement, which would have cost me $51. Luckily, I caught the little thieves, and told them that $51 + the co-pay ($30ish) is not in this newly-wed's budget...I thought about pulling out my soapbox on how I was going to debase myself to eating Harris Teeter ground beef that night. THAT'S the kind of budget I'm on. .....but I didn't.

* I sort of made an unofficial vow to myself that I'd not use this blog as a vehicle for venting/diatribing/being bitchy. So that's the last negative thing I'll say today....and I'm sorry.

3. I didn't get the long-term English sub job. But that's ok. They called me "qualified" in an email to me, which made me want to jump on the couches. (is that sad?)

4. Thursday night is the Junior League's Holiday Party at The X-Lounge. Yep. Stoked.

5. N. and I watched The Blind Side last night, and I wept like a school girl...just like the first time I watched it. This has to be one of my favorite movies I've ever seen. in. my. whole. life.

5. My latte is cold now. And Bonnie will be here soon, so I'd better go make puppy eyes at the baristas and see if they'll pop this badboy in the microwave for me.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh Brett! I would love to sit there and eat that breakfast with you this morning! Not yours, though, I'd buy my own. Or else you probably wouldn't let me sit near you.

  2. I hear Morning View has unlimited re-warms and a really good morning glory muffin. Just a thought.

  3. ugh. i know who you're meeting and i'm so jealous!! she leaves a day before i get to town.. :(