Thursday, December 16, 2010

a morning at lolly's

It's snowing in Charlottesville-- little, tiny, fluffy things whirling around out there. I like watching the cars drive by, because they kick up the white dust and it twirls into a happy tornado. Joy.

This morning I'm "working" at a dear friend's apartment on the downtown mall. We just bundled up and moseyed over to a coffee shop and grabbed some fuel. Now we're back. Today's poison: dirty chai. Please tell me you've experienced them: chai latte with a shot of espresso in that daddy. Overly-Caffeinated Delight.

While Lolly & I were standing in line to order our coffee, we saw a sign featuring the shop's specialty drinks of the day. They had your usual pumpkin spice latte, white chocolate mocha, yadda yadda, but then there was one that literally made me gag:

cherry. cobbler. latte.

Are you kidding me? Keep your cobbler off my coffee. I'm still terrified at what that might taste like...or worse, look like. Yuck. 

Anyway, as I sit in my friend's studio apartment, I can't help but be in awe. It looks like Anthropologie uprooted itself and moved in here. She's sitting in her meticulously-organized workspace, with neat little stacks sprawled across her apartment. Later on today, she's going to be putting these little stacks together and creating her award-winning, massively-coveted calendars. They're amazing. Really. She's successful. And beautiful. And she loves Jesus. 

But here's the thing: if she were sitting here reading over my shoulder, I bet she'd totally disagree. 

She'd say her house is a wreck. Or that she can't remember the last time she vacuumed. 

Here's what I think:

We're way too hard on ourselves.

I'm preaching to myself here, I think. When I get together with a group of women, I almost always go straight into comparison mode:

She's so crafty. I don't think I've ever held a sewing needle.
Look at her awesome haircut. Have I even showered today?
then there's always, 
She's so skinny. I shouldn't be eating this cookie/cake/cheeseball/whole bad of Doritos

And it's so silly. It's SO silly. And you know what? I know better! I've had this passage memorized since I was a kid, and still I find ways to skirt around it. 

"YOU hem me in, behind and before;
YOU have laid your hand upon me. 
...YOU created my inmost being. 
YOU knit me together in my mother's womb...
I am wonderfully and fearfully made." psalm 139 

You and I are wonderfully and fearfully made, bloggies. Let's be thankful for who we are today--Unshowered. Donut-eating. Fabulous. Human.



  1. I think you are so cool. I hope to see you soon and stay in your awesome house. Love you words, your heart. Thank you for sharing.

  2. AMEN!! Love it Brett! So inspiring - I think I'm gonna post that passage today :)

  3. We've never met- but I lived with Erica Engdahl throughout college and am sure that she led me to your blog somehow. I enjoy it thoroughly- enough to link it to my own so that people who read my words might also read yours!! When I just clicked "follow" on your sweet blog I saw that your number went from 99 to 100... happy day!! Your thoughts and happenings deserve to be read! So I am happy to be a part of that!!
    I live right over the mountain in Waynesboro- Enjoy the snow!

  4. How have I never heard of a dirty chai? I'm getting on this ASAP!

  5. oh sweet friend. i treasure you and your writing. thank you for giving me something to sweet to read during my 5am wake up (horrifying).

  6. i used that verse in the testimony for the fall concert!!! i alwaysalwaysalways need reminding of that though, spanks!