Tuesday, December 28, 2010


One of my very first memories of Jamienne Taylor was in an American Eagle dressing room. We had gone to the mall to shop for shorts for the summer. We were in middle school, so the cool way to wear your shorts was, well, short. I remember being so jealous of her perfect legs and how annoyingly tan she was. It could be the middle of January, and James looks like she stepped out of a Victoria's Secret catalog. I remember standing there, while she pirouetted in the mirror and all I could think was "Dear Sweet Lord, if You're really up there, please give me her legs." 

God didn't give me her legs. But he gave me one of my best friends. Jamienne and I went on to be roommates at JMU, where she taught me the most effective way to use your CHI flat iron, and I taught her how to dress according to the weather. We ate anything that had processed cheese in it and we prided ourselves on never going to the gym. The furthest we'd walk was to get across campus for Duke's nachos. We'd lie in bed at night, making up horror stories about the drunk girl who'd broken into our room early in the year. She tried to steal James's computer or something. We had her entire desk fingerprinted. Everything had to be dramatic.

I owe James a lot. She was sitting next to me the first time I ever saw Nathaniel sing (note: this was three years before I actually met him). She was the one who took me out for mexican food when I broke up with my college boyfriend(s). She was the first friend to sit me down and ask me if I had an eating disorder, which was also over mexican food, and she cried. She told me when I was wrong. She was there when I picked out my wedding dress, went with me to my fittings and stood by my side when I had a meltdown about my dress making me look fat. She brought me my coffee on my wedding day. She loved me when I was crazy.

Now Jamienne is in school to study chiropractic in Texas,

but for a few weeks, she's back. And she's coming to visit today.

If you have a Jamienne in your life, bloggies, hold on to her. She'll mean more and more to you as the years go by. I am blessed.


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  1. This is SO sweet. Life is good because of the "jamiennes" in it. :)