Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I love you guys!


 I am so thankful for all of you this morning. I've been getting emails for the past few months with THE MOST encouraging words regarding my blog. Some of you, I've been friends with since I was a tyke. But some of you, I've never met! I'm so humbled when you send me emails, letters or facebook messages (one reader even send me snail mail!!!!). It makes me want to slide across the floor with slippery socks and dance around my room. There was an especially beautiful message I got last night from a really pretty gal whom I've never met. It was a doozy. I cried.

I want you all to know this. When you send me facebook messages telling me you like this crazy stuff I write, I don't think it's odd....or awkward....or creepy....or random. I  think it's wonderful. I want to be friends with all of you! I want to meet up for coffee or go shopping or play with each other's hair....too far?

I'm serious. I love you all. 

I've been battling this unemployment thing for a year now, and with each email I get from you guys, I realize that maybe this is why.

Maybe you are my reasons. Maybe I'm supposed to be writing so that others (maybe "others" whom I'll never even know) may come along on my journey with me.

Anyway, this post is to say THANK YOU to my readers, family and friends who, for some, reason keep coming back to this thing and read what I have to say/word vomit.

I praise God for you. He is why I write, and you all are my proof.

Mad love on this Wednesday,

ps. this is what i'm craving right now:


  1. Okay, after that post, I have to admit that I read your blog regularly but rarely ever comment - so sorry for not being one of those encouraging readers :( All the same, I LOVE your writing. You are amazingly expressive and instantly relatable. And from now on, I will comment on your posts!

  2. Brett, you are amazing! You are so inspiring and I'm so glad we are and forever will be honeymoon buddies! We can relate to the challenges of finding a job right now. Blake is currently looking for work and it's just plain tough sometimes. But God will take care of us {all of us!} and provide a way for us.