Wednesday, December 15, 2010

home tour: the Baker(y's) first Christmas

I forgot to post this! N. and I took this video to show you all our [primitive] Christmas decorations way back on Dec. 2nd. Enjoy!

I am still laughing at my husband in this video. How is he so dorky and cute all at the same time????

ps. I love how N. says "kit-n-kaboodle"
pps. Those are my 2nd fave pair of pj pants. My first fave pair have coffee cups on them.



  1. Brett, Ya'll crack me up! I love that you shared this:) I hope ya'll are filled with so much yoj during your first married-people Christmas! By the way, is that nativity Willow Tree? It's fabulous!

  2. you guys make me so sick with your cuteness. A.stinkin.dorable.