Monday, December 20, 2010

big apple bound

I'm Big Apple Bound, blogosphere. We'll be on a plane before the sun's up tomorrow morning. Coffee in my hands. Ipod buds in N's ears. That's our drill. That way, I don't have to whine about not having coffee, and he can ignore my severe non-morning-person-ness. It's a science, really.

We're meeting my mom and sisters there. It will be a beautiful, chaotic, estrogen-ed trip. I could squeal with delight.

 I think this will be my 8th or 9th trip to the City, but never before have I been the week before Christmas!

I'm giddy. 

We'll be staying here

We'll be seeing this

We'll be going here

I'll be frequenting these

I'll take my computer and beg, steal or borrow to make sure I post this week.

***A HUGE thanks goes to my mom & dad for making this Christmas trip possible! They gave it to my sisters and us as a Christmas gift! 

Love you guys!!


ps. this is the best idea EVER and everyone should have a pair:

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  1. I wonder how many different Starbucks you can visit?