Monday, December 13, 2010

all women are crazy

I woke up around 8:30am today. I was having dreams that I walked all the way down to Florida and back, only using main roads. (Why?!?) The house looked loved this morning as I walked downstairs--pillows squished into the sofa with lots of butt imprints, crumbs on the dining room table from the taco feast we had last night. The remaining corn tortillas were left out last night; now their sides are curled up like little smiles.

 N. and I are fortunate to be surrounded by a wonderful community of other "young-marrieds" at Portico. We've been getting together with a handful of other young couples and doing a a study called Love That Lasts: When Marriage Meets Grace.

In prep for our get-together last night, N. was reading the chapters we'd be covering. His fantasy football scores were up on his computer screen and the Redskins game on mute in the background, but he wasn't fidgeting around on the sofa, or checking his scores at all. I knew he must be reading something juicy.

About that time, N. looks up and reads from the book, something like:

"Husbands, it is key to know your wife's tendency towards fear, deviation and temptation."

I thought, oh he's going to be sweet and tell me I don't have any.

Instead, he cocked his head, made a super-cute face and said,

"I know yours! You're crazy."

....thanks. This is love. But really, I just laughed. It's so true.

 I think all women are crazy.

In the past 48 hours, I have, for example:

-argued with N. in the Harris Teeter about the size of tortilla we should purchase
-gone shopping for a dress, drove home in tears, because I'm not making enough money to justify a new dress, then walked in the door and ate cookies
-tossed the GPS in N.'s lap (while he was driving) just blocks before our hotel in DC, because I couldn't "just follow the little blue blinky thing."
-stepped on the scale, which read 3 pounds heavier than normal, and declared that we can't ever have children, because I don't feel good when I'm fat.

absolute. crazy. person.

Last night, after all of our friends left, N. and I climbed in bed and threw the covers up over our heads. N. turned over to me, underneath the blanket like we were in a fort, and said

"I love you, crazy baby."

Then he made up a little song about me being crazy and how he loves me anyway,  because it's more fun when I'm crazy--at least I'm not boring and so on and so forth.

this is love, people.

Happy Monday.


  1. ha! curt and I replay your exact gps scenario pretty much every time we use the gps...

  2. i love this. i really look forward to your posts, brett. hilarious.

  3. I know that I could be a little bias, but you really nailed this one Brett! You gave your blog readers an honest look at the personalities that make your marriage.

    p.s. what a blessing God gave you in Nathaniel