Monday, November 29, 2010

things to love this week:

1. Zumba. I tried it. I loved it. I'm a little embarrassed by it. But I can't help it. My sister dragged me kicking and screaming into my first class down in the Outer Banks, and by the end of the second song, I was loca for it.

2. Home-Brewed Beer. It's N.'s new obsession. He's bottling his first batch of IPA tonight.

3. Christmas Lights. They're EVERYWHERE, and it makes me want to giggle and smell plastic toys like I used to get at Christmas.

4. Goat Cheese. I got N. and I a huge, fresh salad for dinner tonight, along with a big ole hunk of fresh goat cheese and crackers.

5. This video of me and my sister, taken on Thanksgiving: so random, but it's a perfect excerpt of our relationship

6. The cold. Some people hate it, but after this summer, I'm so glad to wake up shivering in the morning. I turn on the hairdryer as soon as I wake up and stand in front of it until I'm thawed out. DELIGHT.

7. Voicemails from dear friends that I haven't spoken to in ages. In the car ride home last night, I got a frantic, disjointed, excited voicemail from my friend and fellow Into Hymn alum, Erica Engdahl. I miss hearing her voice. I miss hearing her outrageous stories, like the time she decided to bike from Harrisonburg to Virginia Beach with nothing but a milk cart tied onto her bicycle with STRING. 

Erica called to tell me that two of the gals she was driving home knew who I was because they read my blog! And they called it "the Bakery." I played the message about 4 times, and felt like a mini-superstar. I'm so glad that people are reading this random stuff!!

8. Finding the perfect gift. My grandma, Oma, always finds the perfect gifts for us grandkids. Last year she bought me my Crate and Barrel SOFA. One year, she got me my beloved Ugg Boots. She might be the most generous woman I've ever met. And she gives gladly, just like Jesus does. I was so excited when I found her a fun little gift on Black Friday--it's not much, but it's SO her. I can't wait to give it to her. I would tell you what it is, but Oma reads this blog.

...Hi, Oma!

9. This gorgeous picture of my mom. Enough said. 

10. Holding the sweetest niece in the world, first thing in the morning at the beach:


  1. I am supposed to be asleep right now, but I'm not. Everyone else in my house is. And I put on that video and could not stop laughing. I like how Michael calls my name at the end while I am making fish face and I just keep making fish face. Why does Nathaniel try to show us his adam's apple? Your writing is hilarious.

  2. Haha... my father-in-law also has a new obsession with home-brewed beer. He tried some at a business partner's house; when he came home, he went out and bought all the stuff for it and made some over Thanksgiving. He's been talking nonstop about it. If you knew my father-in-law, you would know how hilarious it is. :)

  3. there's a zumba place on the corner on tu/th @ 6pm. great instructor, let me know if you want to go sometime!