Friday, November 12, 2010

sick days

These past few weeks, it seems like everyone's sick. By "everyone" I mean both of my bosses and ten or fifteen people that I follow on Facebook who posted statuses about being ill.

Anyway, I think I spend half of both my junior and senior years with a sinus infection or any variation of the flu that was popular at the time; last year this time is was Swine Flu, year before that it was unnamed, but I remember crying in my Women's Chorus class because I was afraid I'd miss the concert and not be able to sing a song called "Weep No More," which to this day, might be one of my favorite choral pieces. I went home and my Oma had left me some apple sauce, an electric blanket, and a bag of Reese's cups.

These past ten married months have been fairly healthy for me. Granted, I'm not staying up until 3am writing papers, graduating early, planning a wedding, buying a house and drinking coffee instead of eating, etc. And you know what? I began to get a little prideful about my health these past few weeks.

I thought: I'm so healthy--I sleep a lot, I drink tons of water, I don't eat meat or many processed foods. I'm in a healthy marriage (and engage in all those "healthy marriage activities"), I go to the gym, I'm not stressed. I do everything right. Gosh, if everyone just lived like me, then people wouldn't get as sick.

Whaddya know, pride goeth before the fall...

I woke up Wednesday with a Mack truck sitting on my head and ended the day with every last one of my sinus cavities inflamed.

I had it coming. Prideful thing.

All that, and all I really wanted to post today was a picture of how I do sick days.

I normally grab a book, (this sick period it's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver), light a candle, cozy up in a blanket, shop online and watch re-runs of something brainless--this week it's Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

How do you do sick days?


  1. Um, if I got to do sick days the way you do sick days, I would try to always get sick. I do sick days like every other day of my life. Except I am super sick while doing it- which means I have a headache; I blow my nose every 5 minutes; I irrigate my sinuses; I forego my morning cup of espresso (which means even LESS energy) and then I take care of 3 little people, one of which sucks on my boobs all the time. Unless I am super super ill, and then Michael will stay home from work and I will lay in bed drooling on myself and forming snot crusties on the outer edges of my nose.

  2. I hope you feel better! Every time I'm sick or feeling blue- I cozy up under a blanket and watch the Labyrinth. :)
    Have you tried a netti pot?? I was a non believer until I tried it-- it works!

  3. Your sick day rituals should get you better in no time! I watch Turner Classic Movies all day with lots of water and tea and a blanket made by mom at my side. If it's really bad I usually get someone to buy KFC mash potatoes for me;p

  4. HAHAHAHAHA @TRIN: can you nurse K. when you're sick? don't you pass on your nasties? see you tom.

  5. saltines and gatorade (regardless if it's a tummy bug or not)

    grey's anatomy (since they're as whiny as I feel)

    sitting, laying, sleeping on the floor (the firmness of the floor feels really good to me when I'm sick ?!?--I'm crazy)

  6. Brett - you are going to love Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. It is one of my favs!

    If I am too sick to go to work, I usually then try to get as much accomplished at home as possible, which ends in me being frustrated because I can't concentrate, can't breath, and am exhausted (you know, from being sick) I fall in a heap on my bed and sleep through the afternoon with two cats that keep pawing me to play with them!

  7. I am not over how somber you look! Miserable, if you will. You make me smile, then laugh, then smile again. :)