Tuesday, October 19, 2010

things you never cared to know about me

I'm such a bore festival with my blog lately. Has it really been a week and a half since I've posted?

Why, yes it has.

I have felt so inspired this past week, but I haven't had time to sit and type. I have been living back and forth in between my ears, thinking of posts I want to write on this thing. Alas, my alarm goes off in the morning and before I know it, my head hits the pillow at night before I've gotten one word on my computer screen. 

I am now sitting at my desk at work, feeling a little guilty and a lot hungry, but know that I need to blog something. 

So, I am posting something that is completely self-absorbed:

I am making a list of things you might not know about me. 

I find these posts interesting when other folks do them. 

I hope you don't find me too narcissistic...

1) I was born on Leap Year Day in 1988, meaning I have only had 5 real birthdays. This was ultra-confusing as a kid.

2) I prefer salty to sweet. You could make me a cake and I would thank you for it, but then I would secretly trade it for a jar of olives. 

3) You can tell that I have recently had one too many drinks if my fingernails have recently been bitten. I always (and only) bite my nails when I have had a few. 

4) I dye my hair brown. My hair, naturally, is mousy--almost blonde. But I am very pale and pinky, so I dye.

5) I can drive with my second toe. That's how long it is. It makes me want to gag. But I also think it's kind of cool......

6) I am fiercely, deathly, morbidly afraid of frogs. 

7) My knees point inward.

8) I am a turtle in the morning. Nathaniel has to be mean to me most mornings in order to get me out of bed.

9) I don't think I've gone one day without coffee in the past six years, except the day after I got Salmonella.

10) I have read the Bible cover to cover. I did this in one year.

11) My mom calls me "bird legs", but the only skinny thing about them is my ankles.

12) My dream job would be: to read one book every day, and write a review on it. And drink coffee.

13) I vacuum my entire house almost daily. It puts me in a bad mood when things stick to my feet.

14) I was an all-state diver in high school, and got a scholarship to dive at JMU, but I didn't want to get up that early, so I took the scholarship and joined a cappella. Best decision I ever made.

15) I desperately wish I were a perfectionist.

16) I get wildy, uncharacteristically protective for my sisters. It is a feeling I can't describe, like my blood literally boils. But only for my sisters. And only when they are threatened in some way, or when I sense that they could be.

17) I have told my mom every secret I've ever had. Besides N., I consider her my best friend.

18) I have never talked to myself aloud. The idea has never made sense to me.

19) No matter how hard I try to picture Him otherwise, I always envision God with long, gray hair and I big smile. I am only ever able to picture His face.

20) When people's veins pop out of their skin, it makes me woozy and I have to look away.

Bloggies, please make a list like this about yourselves. I would love to read them!


  1. Will do love, though i think yours is way more interesting than mine will be! The fear of frogs made me giggle a little, but the thing about your mom reminded me of the relationship I have with mine:) Thanks for sharing these fabulous things about you!

  2. #6. YES. I hate those things...the fact that they can JUMP...ew.
    #19. I imagine bald, big muscular guy... perhaps kind of like how my dad looks? eh?