Monday, October 4, 2010


This song played at mine and N.'s wedding as our parents walked down the aisle.

We chose this song because during our engagement, God opened our eyes and our hearts and we became profoundly aware of the spiritual weight of marriage. 

We felt a deep yearning for our wedding day to mimic the love that Chris has for His Church--the true Bridegroom who will soon come for His Bride. 

It it so easy for me to forget after whom I am modeling my marriage. 

Pastor Chris, at Portico, started a series on Revelation this week. The sermon took me back to wedding planning, when I was excited and passionate and ready Jesus to return for his Bride. 

May this song inspire you and stir affection in your heart for Jesus, who is coming back for us soon. 

"Though I have not seen Him, 
my heart knows Him well.
Jesus Christ--the Lamb, the Lord of Heaven."


  1. A simple Thank You is all I need to say here ;)

  2. A beautiful reminder and a wonderful song:) How exciting that we will get to meet our Savior face to face is His dwelling place?! *all smiles*

  3. Love this song. Hillsong's amazing.

  4. every since i heard this song at your wedding i have loved it. one of the most genuinely beautiful wedding moment ever.