Saturday, October 23, 2010

dogs days

N. is out of town today, so Turk and I ran our errands: grocery store, drugstore, pet food store, Starbucks.....Anthro....

It's not uncommon for someone to stop me and ask "what on earth kind of dog is that?" I guess he's a little unique-looking. Or maybe they're just fascinated by the fact that he stares at the ground while he's walking so that he can see his shadow? Maybe they wonder why he likes to lick the air? Maybe they think he is neurotic? Maybe they're terrified?

Anyway, these are a few of my favorite encounters today. Enjoy!

"Oh, look! A great dane!"
what a great dane looks like:

Hm...maybe I can see great dane puppy?

Then I got:

"Giiiiiirl, you gotta pit!"

this is what a pit bull looks like:

Cute. But I'm still not seeing it. 

This one, though, was my absolutely favorite all day. 
I actually had a 12-year-old girl tell me what kind of dog Turk is:

"Oh, you have a rottweiler!"-12-year-old girl
"Oh, actually he's a viszla, but I can see how you'd get that..."*-me
*me trying to be nice
"No, he's DEFINITELY  a rott. I have one at home."-12-year-old girl. 
"Oh, well he coulda fooled me!"-me not knowing what else to say
"Well, you should learn what kind of dog you have before you buy it."-12-year-old girl.
::I am stunned by the fact that I am actually feeling offended by said 12-year-old::
"Um......ok....well, bye!"-me

You tell me, bloggies. Do you think Turk is a Rottweiler, and he's just never told me?:

What Turk looks like:

what a rottweiler looks like:

Maybe I'm crazy. Am I crazy? 


  1. Um... 12-year-old girl is a know-it-all who doesn't actually know anything? Hahaha.

  2. Hahaha, I just love twelve-year-olds... meanness at it's prime. Middle schoolers suck. But your non-rottweiler puppy is adorable. :)

  3. You always know how to make me smile! lol

  4. Hahahaha. I do not like know-it-all kids. But I do love your adorable non-Rottweiler dog!

  5. Brett - I have heard you are crazy, but not in this instance. Turk is a sweety and very well behaved in public.

  6. 12-year-old sass-pot. LOVE this. Does Turk know who he is? Por bresito (sp?) = poor thing en espanol.


  8. I had a Dane and people would (beside the normal comments about horses and how much he must eat) tell me he couldn't be a Dane because he was brindle. According to the AKC that is a standard color for Danes...
    My other dog regularly got mistaken for a pit and he was a boxer/spaniel mix. Go figure! Hang in there, people may be ignorant but you have a beautiful dog!