Thursday, October 7, 2010

big bang theory

Yesterday I got bangs.

It was a moment of weakness. I just went in for a trim, maybe a little side bang.

Then this is what happened:

I wanted to be trendy..( modern, get it), but I think I just ended up looking like That 70s Show. 

What do you think?

These are the kinds of responses I've gotten so far:

"Awww, it's cute!"--sister-in-law

"You look.....younger?" --boss

and my favorite:

"Did you do it yourself?"--patient

No. I did not do it myself. Actually I paid $55 for someone else to do it. 

Maybe this is another lesson on vanity. (Refer to earlier post Re: spilling coffee on shoes)

Anyway, one of my mottos in life is:

If you can't change it, laugh about it. 

With that in mind, here's how I woke up this morning:


  1. Every single time I've tried to get side bangs, I end up just pinning them back... I hate how they're always in my face.

    I'll bet you can figure out how to rock them :)

  2. Okay, I'm going to need a better picture. You need to have a serious normal photo of yourself with the bangs for me to have an objective opinion. I'm sure they are way cuter than you think. Last time I suggested bangs to my stylist, she talked me off the ledge. My hairline and my complete lack of effort make it a very bad idea.

  3. I thought your bangs were really cute when I saw you last night!

  4. Yes, your bangs will look like that every morning. There's no avoiding it.

  5. Oh Brett! I've been there done that and side bangs still find there way into my haircuts;p Your faces are priceless! I know you can pull them off:)

  6. Check out Gwyneth in Iron Man 2. Basically, you look like her. And she looks bad---. NOT CUTE.

  7. Wait. That was supposed to be bad _ _ _ as in bad bleep bleep de bleep (awesome/kick butt/ gorgeous) not as in BAD. Crap. I am just going to stop trying to type myself out of my hole. Ask me in an hour how you look.