Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall is here.

Fall is here.
Fall is here.
Fall is here.

Right now I am sitting at my desk, drinking HOT coffee, wearing brown boots with skinny jeans and a 3/4 length shirt-- color: taupe. mood: giddy. 

Fall, to me, means a few things:

1) all things pumpkin:
-pumpkin spice lattes
-pumpkin candles (I just picked one up from CVS)
 Pros: 1) It was inexpensive 2) It smells delicious
 Cons:1) It is probably made with lead/other toxins
-pumpkin ice cream at Klines
-pumpkin pie(s)
-pumpkin bread
-pumpkin dog: (I often call Turk "pumpkin" because he looks like the Little Debbie Snacks:



2) Football Season:
-I don't even love sports, but I do love:
-tailgating at JMU with a cappella folk
-JMU beating Va. Tech (I had to)
-Sam Adams Octoberfest (unless I am at said JMU game, then it's Natty Light--go dukes.)
-talking smack
-the NFL lineups when they say which schools they're from. don't know why.

3) Happy Wardrobe:
-wear a jacket/don't wear a jacket. it doesn't matter because it's PERFECT outside
-skinny jeans + boots
-scarves + hair up +great earrings
-layers with cardigans
-big, brown belts
-ridiculous, ugly, comfy socks

These are a few things--to me-- that mean Fall is here. What does Fall mean to you?


  1. BLUE blue skies that make me look up with joy

  2. I read this right before getting ready for small group and it made me want to wear skinny jeans with my boots. So I did. Unfortunately, it definitely is NOT fall here yet. LOL.

  3. @Taylor--way to represent, anyway! I'm sure you looked cute! Totally worth it, no?

  4. on-sale Halloween candy on November 1st. ah... :D

  5. jumping in leaf piles. hay rides. hot apple cider. apple picking. the word October- it's beautiful. hammer dulcimers? bonfires. cutting thumb holes in my hoodies. wearing my hoodies with thumb holes by the bonfire. smelling like woodsmoke. the pumpkin beer at sweetwaters that has a little packet of spices to sprinkle on top.

  6. The golden hues on the trees, lots of pumpkin, long sleeves, reminders that some of the best holidays are on their way, crocheted afgans made with love from mom, hot coffee, wind, GA, GSU&SEC football, retreats, spices, and the beauty of God's plan clearing a path through the leaves for you to see clearly:)

  7. as i read this...I am eating a pumpkin muffie and drinking a pumpkin latte. I.LOVE. PUMPKIN!!