Sunday, August 1, 2010

things to love this week:

-getting a first real paycheck

-using it towards the new Julia line by Coach

-sitting in the back of the Kenney's wedding "party bus" singing a song (on repeat) that my new friend, Randy, made up which goes like this:

"I got a problem with your man"
"I got a problem with your man"
"Your man's a hooochiemama"
"A hoo hoo hoo hoo hoochiemama"

-this never got un-funny to me. I had never met this group of folks before, and they were mucho fun.

-watching Turk eat peanut butter

-reading a book called Olive Kitteridge (this is a shameless endorsement of the book)

-working at my new job with three hilarious and talented women. One of whom already calls me "baby," and another who split her lunch with me "just because."

-getting starbucks every day, because my office is within walking distance... gift cards/addiction therapy welcomed!

-my sweet neighbor, ashley, bringing over warm brownies with symphony bars melted into the middle.
stop. it.

-cool nights that smell like fall--us pulling our sheets up to our chins, because we can leave the windows open

-my new nine west pumps:

-worn with my new pair of citizens: 

-*the citizens were on sale, plus a discount that I'm still using as an "employee" at Anthro. delight.

-meeting these two:

            (top: laura, bottom: hanna)

-re-connecting with this one:


-coffee and breakfast with a lifelong best friend:


-having really pretty friends

what are some things you're loving this week?


  1. reading your blog.

    a chance of thunderstorms everyday.

  2. Those pumps are rockin'and I am excited that you found a new friend to sing crazy songs with :)
    This week, I have loved:
    ~ that Kristen knows me so well
    ~ that Hayley brought me a picture of her swimming with dolphins!
    ~ phone calls with you where we talk about serious and random stuff all rolled into one
    ~ finding a new feature on my TV which plays smooth jazz :)

  3. Yeah! Glad to hear the new job is going so well!

  4. Watching Ivy eat peanut butter is one of my favorite things to do. Ever. It makes me fall over laughing every time.

  5. -drinking my french pressed coffee each morning
    -going out with new "friends"
    -getting letters in the mail from my penpals
    -making and eating lots of chicken salad
    -going to Chipotle
    -picking basil out of my garden and putting it on a pizza that i just made.
    -reading your blog

  6. I am seriously DYING right now that I made your blog post. I need to move to Cville so we can be daily friends. i also giggled out loud when I read Randy's song lyrics. WHAT a good weekend. :) xo.