Wednesday, July 21, 2010

6 months

Eleven days ago marked 6 months of marriage for N. and me.

6 months of rolling over in the morning, seeing N.'s freckled nose and that scar on his lip that I love so much
6 months of finding inventive ways to save money on utilities, including taking as many showers as possible at the gym
6 months of iced coffee and bagels on Saturday mornings
6 months of lying on the floor, planning vacations that we'll never be able to afford
6 months of rearranging the furniture, arguing over whether or not N's sound system actually counts as a decoration...
6 months of drinking wine on the sofa, our feet tangled up, while I read my current book and N. reads my Vogues
6 months of ordering carry out when we're too tired or sick to cook--veggie pad thai for me, and chicken pad thai for N.
6 months of praying together--praying for jobs, for our families, whether or not we should get a dog, praying protection over our marriage, but mostly thanking God for his provision.
6 months of waiting on our tax return, so that we could finally fix up our cars (and go out to a ridiculously over-priced dinner)

We've learned and done a lot in these six months:
-We grew a garden
-We joined a gym
-We attempted vegetarianism
-We got a dog
-We house trained said dog
-We researched how to start a winery
-We took our investor-ship class at Portico
-We got a new niece
-We learned to roll sushi
-We (well, N, his dad & Michael) planted a tree in our front yard
-We went to 5 weddings and missed 1
-We watched all six seasons of LOST

Here's to 6 happy months with my favorite man in the world. I love you, bades, and hope for hundreds more.



  1. god is so good isn't he?! happy for you guys! MISS YOUUUU

  2. Amazing:) I'll be praying for many more as well! I am so happy for ya'll!

  3. sushi rolling is very ambitious - I am impressed! (and happy 6 month anniversary!)

  4. Sister,
    I wish six times six times six times six more months for you both, and along the way, i wish we will have the joy of sharing the same hometown whether it be in C-Ville or N.Z., regardless it will be good.
    We love you guys so much.

  5. donnammom (and richard)July 21, 2010 at 9:15 PM

    there is no greater joy for us than to see our "children" happy, and no more significant a happiness than to have a loving life partner!! Congrats to you both
    Love, Richard and Donna

  6. Aww, you two are a beautiful couple, congrats :-) We are newlyweds as well and loving it!