Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Turk-ish Delight

Introducing the newest batch of goodness to be served up here at the Bakery:

Our sweet little puppy, Turk.

His full name, we have decided, shall be "Pope Benedict Turk". His breed (Vizsla) is Hungarian, so we did what any technologically-enslaved couple would do and googled "Hungarian dog names." Benedict was chosen because it means "blessed," but mostly due to the ease with which we could pronounce it. (Google Hungarian dog names and tell me how many you can trudge through).

That being said (and as with most loved things in the Baker household) Turk has found himself a few nicknames:

-Turkey Trot
-Turkey Fart
-Tuwkey Tuwk (the children in the neighborhood have claimed this one)

I have learned many things since having Turk, but the most fascinating is the mysterious way in which humans (myself included) seldom talk to dogs in phrases that aren't questions:


"Who's a good boy?!"
"Who's that puppy?!"
"Are you a good boy?!" Followed by "Yessss you are! Yesss you are!"
"Aren't you the cutest thing?! Aren't you? Aren't you?"
"You wanna treat? Can you sit? Sit? Siiiiiiit?"

These questions are almost always high-pitched or in baby voice. 

Turk has been a wonderful little man to have around. He's cuddly and smells good and follows me and makes me feel important. He sleeps in his little bed next to ours and wakes us up to tell us he has to go outside to pee/poop.* He eats ice cubes that I spill when I'm filling my water bottle and wags his tail when we sing to him. 

*denotes that he has only once pooped inside....on my SHAG rug. Disgust.

Here's to Turk, blogosphere, and the many posts/stories yet to come having him in the Bakery:


  1. I'm sorry that Turks's turd made its way to your fabulous shag rug. I can't wait for all the fabulous Turkisms that come out of having that fabulous, handsome puppy:)

  2. Alicia *Baby Leesh*June 29, 2010 at 6:22 AM

    Precious!! How old is he? He seems big for a puppy!

  3. turk-a-licious!! also...does he just eat the run off from the ice cubes? if so, he's officially in the club.

  4. @Leesh--he's 15 weeks, so not a baby puppy, but still floppy and unable to run in a straight line =)

    @loll--clearly he just eats the run off--an ano. dog. what more could I ask for?

  5. where did you all get him? i've been wanting a vizsla for so long! did you grow up with one or is this your first? i'm so jealous - but excited for you! he's so cute!

  6. @sarah--thanks! we are pretty much obsessed.

    @jenn--we got him from a really great couple in MD, but they don't breed to sell their pups. He breeds them to keep, and because he loves them, but got an extra large litter this time. We took that last pup--do you still like me?

  7. Baker boy bizerk
    He's not Constantinople
    But he's still a Turk

  8. that's definitely a dad comment ^

    hey, dad!

  9. He's adorable!! Having a doggie around is so fun. :D