Sunday, June 13, 2010


my dear friend, Lolly, sells these beautifully-crafted cards, each of which have a cool quotation on the front. my very favorite of Lol's cards features this quotation:

"normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. let me not pass you by in quest of some rare & perfect tomorrow. let me hold you while i may, for it may not always be so. one day, i shall dig my nails into earth, or bury my face in a pillow, or stretch myself taut, or raise my hands to the sky & want, more than all of the world, your return."
-mary jean iron

i try my best to experience each fiber of each day. as my favorite female poet would say, "run the day to its knees." but sometimes i forget-- get too occupied, too selfish or too busy.

so this morning, i toted my camera around our very normal house and photographed our very normal morning, our very normal life.

here's to cherishing these normal moments that i love so much. may you find treasure in your normality today.

my neighbor had a cocktail-attire function to attend last night. i did her hair, and left these out all night. they are still on our counter.

i made biscuits for my tall man this morning. he ate them with peanut butter and honey. i ate mine with apricot preserves.

our good morning/morning breath kiss

dishes. always dirty dishes. but today, i choose to be thankful to them.

we think that this doll is so hilarious. we hide her for each other to find. this morning, she was on the sugar jar. her name is "Ping"

our back deck garden--many tomato plants, one raspberry, one blueberry

we read a lot= disheveled bookshelf

dirty floor

i love that face. here, we are listening to the last few minutes of our pastor's podcast, so that we will be caught up on the day's sermon.

my love.


  1. Ping! Just like my Wii character! I love her. And you.

  2. love this post. there is much joy and comfort found in the normal, every day things. And to think - if you're not normal, you're abnormal. (Beth Moore, right?)

  3. You're hilarious. I love Ping. And that bookcase. Oh my gosh. Gimee.

    Dear Christa, thank you for quoting BETH MOORE!

  4. I died when I saw Ping, as well. And the dishes... that day, you chose to delight in them, bless your heart!