Sunday, May 2, 2010

necessities and obsess.....ities.

here in the Baker household, we have a few non-negotiables--music is to be played loudly, brownie sundaes are to be consumed immoderately, clothes are laundered in cold water, (towels and sheets in hot), and a bag of frozen chicken (despite our recent viewing/worshipping of Food Inc.,) is always to be stocked in the freezer.

I have recently, however, discovered new necessities and obsessities (not a word) that i'd love to pass on to my fellow blogglets. if you all have any, brang 'em! A good thing should never be kept secret.

1) Ann Taylor Loft's Lounge line--these pieces are soooo comfortable, but also good quality. They're great for Spring/Summer, because they breathe, but they won't lose their shape in the heat. They're also cute, and you can easily dress them up with belts and scarves.

2) Beth Moore. Period---woman is straight anointed.

3) a french press:
french-pressed coffee might as well be manna. when you press coffee, you don't lose all those delicious oils that make a cup of coffee smooth. YUM. give me an open book, a sunny room and a pop tart. i'm in heaven.

4) Rebekah McLeod's  album Waiting. I met with this beautiful woman this weekend over coffee. She ordered a Caramel Macchiato and we talked about God. She is organic, raw, loving and inspiring. She has impossibly blue eyes that teared up when she spoke about her Savior. I want to hear from to a woman like that. I want to support an artist like that. You should get her album and, also, you should really get her album.

5) these shorts. in every color. here are the reasons:
a) they have an elastic waistband.
b) please re-read reason "a"
c) you can eat as much as you want and still fit into them

do yourself a favor! i got mine at nordstrom. (thanks, mom!). I snipped off those god-awful bows. there's nothing like an unnecessary embellishment to ruin a cute short, no?

6) chobani yogurt. 'nough said.

7) trashing your wedding dress. i can't tell you how fun this was for me. it's a reminder to me that my marriage isn't about the dress i wore. it's about the man i get to come home to. trashing my dress was empowering, humbling and fun. the photos were imagined/taken/ and edited by joel mills and jon schaaf with hair/makeup by the beautiful lora kelley.

8) my new & dear friend, lolly('s), jewelry. i'm obsessed. lolly is so driven, dedicated and artistic. you can tell in the art that she makes.

9) Marcy May . This woman is amazing. I don't know that I've gone more than 48 hours without talking to her since we met. If you are not friends with Marcy, then you should introduce yourself. 

10) sweet tea vodka with a splash of limeade. turn on some jams, grab some friends and have yourself a good ole fashioned fun saturday night this summer.


  1. You are beautiful. Absolutely stunning.


  2. Re: Loft Lounge line.

    It is so dangerous for me to see rompers being offered as a perfectly acceptable clothing item, because I have always been obsessed with them. To the point where, if I allow myself to buy even one, I might become That Person Who Wears Nothing But Rompers, Even When They're Out Of Style Again. And then someone will have to stage an intervention.

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  4. Press some Kopi Luwak. Yes, its expensive butt you've got to try it. (Butt spelled that way intentionally)
    As for the shorts...I've tried Trinity's on and I have to say, i just wasn't feeling it. Actually, I was feeling it too much. Now maybe that's because she had not snipped the bows off yet. Any hoo, they rode up in uncomfortable places. Maybe that's why they haven't caught on in men's fashion.

  5. @wwcutie--I have held off on the rompers thus far! Perhaps we should keep each other accountable. There certainly is something tempting about a one piece outfit. So many reasons to accessorize. Gah.

  6. Those pictures = amazing! Totes doing that when (if) I get married! Thank you for distracting me from studying.

  7. True story: I asked my French host mom what they call french presses in France, and the answer was "Italian presses." WHERE DO THEY REALLY COME FROM?! nobody knows.

  8. oh my gosh, you're so sweet! i'm blushing over here. thank you, friend. xoxo

  9. @Brett - I will probably have to blog about rompers soon, because the number of delightful things I want to say about them wouldn't fit in your comment box.

  10. friend, you're a necessity of mine as well. so glad you married n. and moved here :)

    btw, i'm going to see bethy in rotown if you want to join.

  11. You look gorgwash in the pictures, especially the last one.
    I am also going to see Beth Moore in August in Richmond.