Sunday, May 9, 2010


she gave birth to me, naturally
she held my hair back when i had the flu
she taught me to fry an egg
she bought me my first tampons
she left notes in my lunchboxes
she showed me how to wear makeup, not too much eyeshadow
she let me drive the van before i had a permit, only in the neighborhood
she grounded me when i disrespected her
she knew exactly what medicine i needed--
head congestion--sudafed
chest congestion--mucinex
nighttime cough--tussin dm
she woke up when i had a bad dream
and let me sleep in the middle
"just for tonight"
she painted my nails
always red
when i called at 2am, she answered
groggy but loving
"we broke up"
"i got into the group"
and she cares and she listens and she knows exactly what to say
and when she doesn't she asks
"have you eaten anything?"
"are you drinking enough water?"
and i feel better.
she taught me to decorate--not too many neutrals
you always need a color
she doesn't like crying in front of people
and neither do i,
but we can cry in front of each other
into our cups of black coffee
over chocolate chip pancakes
(i burn the first few, and she remedies it)
she always remedies it.

this post if for you, Mama. you inspire me. i love you and i like you.



  1. Bravo Mama Batten!
    You loved up beautiful and talented women that will someday bless their own children the way you have.
    Very well done.

  2. very nicely written. The church we have been visiting did a video skit and kinda put it in great perspective. I think it can be hard for our moms to give so much sometimes and it seems we never give a thank you. This is a great thank you although I am sure the great person you have become is thank you enough.


  3. One day your children will rise up and call you, Brett, are the "it was all worth it" for your mama.