Thursday, May 13, 2010

love/hate relationships

we all have 'em--we love the summer, hate the mosquitos. we love the cake, hate the calories. love the pet, hate the poop.

you feel me, and I was thinking the other day about a few love/hates of my own.

for instance,

I hate pumping gas. The germs, the talking credit card machines, and how many ways can they ask me if I need a carwash?!.....but I love a delicious sandwich, and therefore, and I love pumping gas at The Bell Air Market

I hate working out. The sweating, the not-being-able-to-breathe, the gym rats and their arm band tattoos....yuck! But I love ACAC, and especially yoga. I was hooked when they said I could do handstands. I LOVE handstands. If I were allowed, I would do handstands everywhere. But really, I love them. And I love yoga pants. I love yoga mats. I love my yoga friends. I love it.

I hate airplanes. Not flying, but airplanes. The smell, the cramping, the minimalism and the faux-cleanliness. I could gag just thinking about them. If I could swim to Europe, I'd choose that over flying. However, I love those little snacks. They're so cute! And if you're flying Delta, they give you those little delicious Biscoff cookies! I always squish them in my hands until they're all crumbs, then I open the package and eat it like cereal.

I hate throwing up. I mean, who doesn't? It's gross! The acid it leaves in your mouth, the way it comes out of your nose. Sick. But I love how N. takes care of me when I do. He has such a gentle and kind heart. A month or two ago, I had food poisoning and N. cried the first time I threw up, because he felt so bad for me. I remember heaving sangria and asparagus into the toilet, wiping my mouth and looking up. There he was, tears in his eyes, and he said "I'm so sorry, baby" and then he KISSED my head! (Which had vomit in it!) In sickness and in health, indeed.

I hate being unemployed. Mainly for prideful reasons, like I want people to think I'm smart. Or I want to feel needed. Or I want to make money. Ridiculous. But I love the time I have to do things I love. It's little things, like having time to curl my hair, or putting on makeup so I feel pretty when N. gets home. But I also love being able to read, read & read--books that I actually enjoy! (No offense, college professors). I can watch Gilmore Girls. I can bake things from scratch. I can spend time with the Lord. I can crank up the worship music for hours at a time. I can make up dances and never show them to anyone.

I'm sure there are more, but who wants to read any more about what I like/dislike? Tell me yours, blogosphere.

What are your love/hates?



  1. raisin bran- love the way it tastes and all the fiber i get out of it. hate what it does to my stomach (and booty, for that matter) after about the second day... :/

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAH

  3. I love my brother for taking care of you and crying when you threw up. He is the most tender-hearted person ever! Can't think of anything I hate about him except maybe that I don't see him more, and that I am so bad at talking to him on the phone. Yesterday I did that sumo wrestler stance that he does and squatted down and clapped my hands together with a little Karate Kid rub...I have no idea why I did this, and then I cracked up laughing.

  4. blog buddies forever :) i love blogging but i hate HTML because i don't understand it! teach me your ways, my formatting is hilariously ugly.

  5. Anthropologie.
    love the clothes.
    hate the prices.

  6. Wal-mart. No wait. I just hate it.
    Breastfeeding my baby-love that I am giving her the best thing I can, hate that it is going to cost me a few grand down the road to get the girls back where they need to be.

  7. Am I allowed to second Marcy's?

  8. I hate tomatoes, but I love ketchup and salsa.

  9. I hate the time I steal from myself to read these blogs, but I love the joy I get from reading them, especially yours sister.