Friday, May 21, 2010

we roll deep

Firstly, it's graduation weekend here in Charlottesville, VA, which means two things:

1) There are lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of proud Moms & Dads here to celebrate their soon-to-be UVA alumni.

2) There is an ungodly amount of traffic in this city. Ungodly.

Secondly, we are having one of our favorite couples over for sushi tonight, so I figured I'd venture to our favorite fish market this afternoon to pick up some fresh salmon.

A simple enough task, right?


This post is not meant to look like a diatribe on UVA Graduation Weekend traffic, so this is where I'll end on that matter. From here on out, though, just picture this: it's hot, it's crowded, it's slow & it took me 30 minutes to wait on a parking space.

So, there I was waiting, directed and then sardined into a line waiting on a parking spot. Moms are annoyed. Dads are pretending not to be.

There are two things you should know about the car that I drive:
1) It is huge
2) It is offensively yellow


This is Dartagnon (as in, The Three Muskateers), purchased in 2006, after my parents sold my car while I was gone on a missions trip. * I picked this color so that my purple JMU stickers would look festive against the paint.

*denotes no bitterness

So, you can imagine my delight when--as I am sitting in said traffic--an older lady walks past my car, slams her hand on my hood and yells,

"James! Madison! University!" 

I don't think I've ever been more proud.

I promptly took off my sunglasses, waved them above my head in a cheering motion and yelled,

"Go Dukes!"

There's one thing for certain about James Madison University among alum and students alike, and it's that

Duke Dog pride runs deep.

I can't think of a more dedicated, passionate and loyal group of people than a JMU alum, student or affiliate. I remember a bunch of us singing the Fight Song at a JMU friend's wedding. I remember all of our JMU guests and bridal party heading to the nearest Ruby Tuesdays and chanting "DUKES!" into the wee hours of the morning, until the bar closed.

I love you, fellow JMU Dukes. Riots, unruly parties, and other mishaps aside, you truly do make me proud everyday.

Go Dukes!


  1. i don't even know how i found your blog. but i think i've seriously, seriously spent the last hour reading it. (hence why i'm all the way back in May of 2010!) you have such a way with beautifully written.

    oh..and GO DUKES! fellow alum here .. c/o 2010! :) don't ya just LOVE the jmu pride no matter where you are. ahhh...take me back. now.